Not all who wander are lost

Visiting Tasmania

You will most likely set foot on Tasmanian soil at the Hobart or Launceston airports, or at the dock in Devonport. We are less than 90 minutes from either airport by the most direct routes.

If you'd rather sight see, an alternative route to the East Coast from Hobart is to head north up the Heritage Highway to Campbelltown, with stops at Oatlands and Ross on the way, then east through Lake Leake. You should allow 3 hours, plus stopping time.

We don't recommend planning to detour to Port Arthur AND arriving with time to explore Freycinet in a day from Hobart. Spend the day in Port Arthur. Plan to spend the following day at Freycinet. We're not just saying that because we'd like you to stay an extra night... really.

The scenic route from Launceston to the east coast takes you through the Tamar Valley wine region to St Helens, then down the coast. This can take 3 hours in driving alone, and it would be a pity not to plan stops at various wineries, Weldborough Hotel, Pyengana Dairy and the Holy Cow Cafe, Bay of Fires and Silver Sands/Iron House Brewery. Allow the day.

If you're arriving via the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport you'll almost certainly have planned a night in Launceston or somewhere between Devonport and Launceston before you come to us. It is a drive of at least 2 and a half hours from Swansea to Devonport, with lots to explore between, so it's worth taking your time.

Driving Times

Travel times in Tasmania can be variable and deceiving. On paper, it all looks so small. In reality, roads can be steep or winding and safe speeds lower than you estimated. Seasonal ice and rain requires extra care. Only you know how fast you are comfortable driving in an unfamiliar car on unfamiliar roads, so we recommend always over estimating travel times.

Don't forget to factor in stopping times - you'd be surprised how many guests arrive very late because they allowed an hour and a half to drive from Hobart - forgetting they'd be stopping at wineries and Oyster farms and to take photos and have meals. Always allow extra time if you know you'll be travelling after dark so that you can slow down for wildlife.

Mobile Phone coverage

Throughout Tasmania, free WiFi connections are now the norm, however, mobile phone coverage can still be spotty. Outside of Launceston and Hobart, it's worth considering picking up a prepaid Telstra card if communications are vital to you. Telstra has the most reliable coverage of the state.

Check in time

We prefer you check in between 2pm and 6pm. Earlier check ins may not be an option, and you should not assume it will be possible to check in before 2pm. Please speak to us by phone or check via email if an earlier arrival time is important to you.

If you find yourself expecting to arrive after 6pm, and certainly if it's going to later than 7.30pm, we encourage you to stop and enjoy dinner en route, before you check in. Let us know if you can. We're not going to give your room away, but we do like to know that you're safe and on your way, and we want to you to arrive well fed and relaxed.

Petrol and LPG

If your car runs on LPG, we'd encourage you to fill up in Launceston and Hobart or whenever you see a station that sells it. Whilst 24 hour card swipe pumps are increasingly common in regional Tasmania, and even premium fuel fairly standard, LPG is not available in many regional towns.