Tasmania's East Coast

Swansea is an ideal base for exploring the East Coast of Tasmania. We are planning on adding to this part of our website extensively with day trips and our recommended attractions.


Freycinet National Park is a 45 minute drive from Swansea, and offers a wide range of activities and stunning wilderness.

The most popular activity is the walk to the Wineglass Bay Lookout. It is an hour return, with a stunning view of Wineglass Bay at its peak. The track is well maintained but care still needs to be taken as it is a fairly steep climb.

We also recommend several other short activities from taking a walk on Friendly Beaches, visiting Sleepy Bay and a beautiful boardwalk around the Cape Tourville lighthouse.

There are a number of much longer walks, including walking down to Wineglass Bay, across the isthmus to Hazards Beach and around the base of Mt Mayson for a 11km walk.

From Coles Bay, another excellent way to see Wineglass Bay is with Wineglass Bay Cruises.

If you want to see Freycinet from a completely different perspective, you might be interested in a scenic flight with Freycinet Air.


Just north of Swansea is picturesque Nine Mile Beach, ending at the mouth of the Swan River.

South of town we have a number of delightful named beaches, including Spiky Beach across from Spiky Bridge. You don't have to drive far to find a secluded beach that is perfect for a picnic or swim (or both).


30 minutes drive north of Swansea, Bicheno plays host to the Blowhole. It won't always blow as well as in our photo, but make sure you watch for it as you approach across orange lichen covered rocks. One of our guests wasn't sure exactly what a blowhole was, and found out by being knocked onto their rear. Fortunately their small son was fossicking in a nearby rockpool.

While penguins are not uncommon on certain beaches in Swansea, Bicheno Penguin Tours offer a fantastic tour. As the number of penguins vary seasonally, check their website for the expected number of penguins tonight!

Maria Island

30 minutes drive south brings you to Triabunna, the jumping off point for Maria Island. Maria Island National Park is an Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property, and hosts a number of activities including exploration by bike. Maria Island is accessible by boat with East Coast Cruises and Encounter Maria Island.